Thursday, November 19, 2009

Are Wii Balance Boards the Future of Airport Security?

Yes Wii Balance Boards are the Future of Airport Security. The Security guards will be able to catch anyone with illegal items or any explosives. That will be much better or also they could have had a long day and just don't want to stand still.. we dont need any more tourism crashing any more buildings in jersey or anywhere else. Its cost $20 million and not many can afford that, but then its worth it and should be used in all public places and that way more people will be safer then what they is now. If i can buy that i would. And not just for the Airport security, school does need that Wii. Nowadays people at school, they bring anything inside the school and most of the students do in the passage it says something about Some sensors take the temperature profile of so get away with it. Its not fair at all. But i am going to get back into the passage. Its also says some sensors take the temperature of people's faces for signs of stress and fidgeting,and it also says says that Others track eye movement, pupil size, and blinking. Researchers specifically modified the Wii balance board to show how someone's weight shifts, and have begun studies on whether a certain level of fidgeting indicates the need for secondary sceening and last but not least the variations in human behavior and standing still could make this a moot point. And thats is why we need the Wii for the sercurity.

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